Thursday, April 30, 2009

MIA Rabbit

Brock loves to pet the Rabbits, and the Rabbits love the attention from him. There is only two rules when I am not home.

1. Don't take them out when I am not home.
2. REMEBER Shut the gate to their cage when you are done.

Of course... #2 rarely happens and I always get an annoyed text from my mom about them running around upstairs, or a giggly one from Brandi about how she had to scare them back into their cage.

Well, last night I got the annoyed one from my mom and to our surprise when I got home I was informed that one of the Rabbits had gone missing.

The thing about Rabbits is they are terrified of anything and everyone. I think they think you want to hunt them. So whenever someone comes around, they try and hide. That means tucked in a corner, or under a pile of crap.

This morning, Hugh still has not turned up. I have looked in every corner of every room. Hopefully, he will start to get hungry and he will find his way back to his cage... Otherwise whosever room he's camping in, is going to get very stinky!