Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pioneer Woman Cooking Attempt

Ever since moving to Flagstaff with Eric last December, I have been on a cooking kick! heaven knows why... I never enjoyed it before. But I have started this cooking adventure and am going to pick it up a notch!

In the last two months, I have mastered

Shrimp caprese pasta (similar to Olive Gardens),
Chicken Lettece Wraps (Similar to Pei Wei),
Eric's Favorite: Orange Chicken (that tastes better than Panda Express),
& my favorite: Jambalaya (yes - canjun flavoring and all)

I've been in search of the perfect cookbook. Something that isn't going to be completely challenging, and something most cookbooks I found didnt contain...

I came across the "Pioneer Woman's Cookbook" at Barnes and Nobel. I knew my mom had the book, and followed her blog. Also, I flipped through it, and it was full of stuff that we will eat!!!
I have decided that I want to try and make every recipe in her book - because it is the perfect cookbook!

Also, in stores I can't stay out of the kitchen section, and everytime I find myself at a store, I get SO EXCITED for Eric and I to register!!!

But last night Eric and I decided to make:

Jalepeno Poppers, Malboro Man Sandwich (with the breana twist - making it basically Philly Cheese Steak), and Creme Brulee.

Wanna See?!?!!

We Started with the Creme Brulee because it would take 2 hours to refridgerate.
The recipe calls for 10 egg yokes.

I had never gotten the yoke out of an egg before, so we lost a few to the sink drain.
Then we did the Jalepeno Poppers.

Half of them with cream cheese, and half without - because I dont like creme cheese.

Lastly the Philly Cheese Steak:

Dinner is Served!!
he's cute. especially when he's helping me!

This is my life & I will blog it!