Monday, August 23, 2010

Moving Weekend

We Moved!!!

We got our apartment, and I am the lucky one that gets to stay there until the BIG DAY.

Here's a quick photojournalism of our busy busy weekend..

It all started Friday at 4pm. & it didn't end until Sunday at 4pm.

Dad came up to help!

From the Front Door... Looks like a Behr Paint advertisement.

We are excited and blessed to be here! And are counting down the 53 days til our Wedding!

This is my life, and I will blog it.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sad Shoe Story

Once upon a time, we were traveling through the mall looking for bridesmaid shoes. When I came across the PERFECT PAIR!

Style&co. Shoes, Jackee Slingback Sandals

They did not have them in all the girls sizes, so sadly we had to move on.
We have now purchased the girls different shoes that match their outfits PERFECTLY! They are American Eagle Sandals. Lovely shoes really.

So now, I am looking for shoes for me... and I STILL AM IN LOVE with the Slingbacks. But they are nowhere to be found.

In any size.

At all.

What a life?! I just want those shoes under my wedding dress..

I want those shoes.

Those shoes are nomore.

Sad day.

Sad Shoe Story.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Twice Baked Headache

Last night I attempted some Twice Baked Potatoes. WHAT A HEADACHE THEY WERE. I couldn't get the potatoe to scoop out without breaking the skin of the potatoe. I was getting so fed up, that I wanted to throw them on the floor. That's when Eric walked in the door from work.

He finished them.

They were good! But I didn't take any pictures to document that nightmare.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Cooking

Dang - You'd think since it's summer, I'd have more time. But I am extremely busy!

Between work, summer classes, wedding planning, regular blogging and trying to fit in time to do YoungBlood stuff, I am going crazy!

But for Memorial day, Eric and I decided to have Jeff & Shelly over for some hamburgers and fun.

We did hamburgers, chips, jalepeno poppers, and deviled eggs. I had never made deviled eggs, so that was a fun experience.
Then Last night, we pulled out the Pioneer Woman Cookbook... and created:
Pico De Gallo! So good!!!

Then we tried her meatloaf. There's things I am going to try and do different next time and see if I like it better. Eric LOVED it.
It's fun.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pioneer Woman Cooking Attempt

Ever since moving to Flagstaff with Eric last December, I have been on a cooking kick! heaven knows why... I never enjoyed it before. But I have started this cooking adventure and am going to pick it up a notch!

In the last two months, I have mastered

Shrimp caprese pasta (similar to Olive Gardens),
Chicken Lettece Wraps (Similar to Pei Wei),
Eric's Favorite: Orange Chicken (that tastes better than Panda Express),
& my favorite: Jambalaya (yes - canjun flavoring and all)

I've been in search of the perfect cookbook. Something that isn't going to be completely challenging, and something most cookbooks I found didnt contain...

I came across the "Pioneer Woman's Cookbook" at Barnes and Nobel. I knew my mom had the book, and followed her blog. Also, I flipped through it, and it was full of stuff that we will eat!!!
I have decided that I want to try and make every recipe in her book - because it is the perfect cookbook!

Also, in stores I can't stay out of the kitchen section, and everytime I find myself at a store, I get SO EXCITED for Eric and I to register!!!

But last night Eric and I decided to make:

Jalepeno Poppers, Malboro Man Sandwich (with the breana twist - making it basically Philly Cheese Steak), and Creme Brulee.

Wanna See?!?!!

We Started with the Creme Brulee because it would take 2 hours to refridgerate.
The recipe calls for 10 egg yokes.

I had never gotten the yoke out of an egg before, so we lost a few to the sink drain.
Then we did the Jalepeno Poppers.

Half of them with cream cheese, and half without - because I dont like creme cheese.

Lastly the Philly Cheese Steak:

Dinner is Served!!
he's cute. especially when he's helping me!

This is my life & I will blog it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Just one though....

think again!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Engagement Pictures

This last weekend, my dad came up and took a few engagement pictures in Flagstaff for us. We are going down to mesa next weekend to take real engagement pictures with Annie Randall. I'm so excited, except I can't find a FREAKING SHIRT for Eric to wear to with one of the two outfits!

Here are two of the pictures from the engagement session with my dad. I can't post the rest until I send out invitations... which feels like it will be forever from now.

He's so cute!

This is my life, & i will blog it.

Friday, March 26, 2010


I am

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Grand Caynon

(That is a picture of the forest on the way to the Grand Canyon, I thought it made for a great picture because it casts on life & death in the woods).


Then we hiked down the canyon a little ways, but didn't go too far because it was really muddy. We are talking about hiking down to the bottom in a couple weeks, and camping out then for a day or two (i'll probably only last a day). That'd be fun!

This is rock drawing things, that tribes of the old days used to draw in the rocks as calenders and journals and what-not. Pretty neat huh? Right here in the grand canyon, someone colored the walls!

On the way home from the Grand Canyon, there were cars stopped in front of us on the Highway because the reindeer, Dasher was dashing across the road. Haha, they were cute, and I managed to take what I thought to be a great picture! I should sell it, or become professional!
This one is good too.
I say all of this, because I am taking a photography class right now, that is required for my advertising minor, and I hate it! I am freaking terrible at figuring out all the iso/shutter speeds/apature crapola. (The sad part is though, I'm still better than a lot of people who call themselves good). Hahaha

By the way BLOG WORLD, I am in the public library right now, suppost to be doing homework, and if that wasn't bad enough, the woman sitting next to me is chopping her gum... oh heavens! lol.

this is my life, & I will blog it.

Monday, March 22, 2010


This weekend, my family came up. We had a great time. It started with a BIRTHDAY PARTY for me! Jealous much?

But, no-one showed up for my party....

Then, the pizza took an hour and a half to show up.

BUT We all had a great time playing games at my party.

The next day Brittney & Jon joined us and we went sledding!

We had a great weekend! Thanks for coming guys!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Terrific Thursday

This week was SPRING BREAK. Luckily, Eric & I had 1 day where neither of us had to work or anything, so we got to spend the entire Thursday together! It was lovely. We started the day off right with a hearty breakfast picnic in the car.
Then we decided to go down to Sedona for a few hours and look at the church in the rocks! Which I always think it was cool.

Then we came back up and ate Mac & Cheese, Played Dominoes with Cori, and then left again to Apartment hunt! Trying to find a nicer place than the Ridge, for the same price... it was a dissapointing hunt. :(

After the apartment hunt, we went out with some friends to dinner & to see Alice & Wonderland 3D. Tiffany & I thought it was awesome! Eric didnt really like it, neither did Eddie.
Funny story about them though. Eddie works with Eric at his (relatively) new job at Wells Fargo. And when we first moved up to Flagstafff, we saw Eric's (ex-by divorce) Cousin, working at Chase Bank. But he hadnt seen her in years so we just noticed from a distance.
Then Eric went to hang out with Eddie at his apartment one day, when he saw pictures all over the place of his COUSIN TIFFANY, (that works at chase bank). Small world huh!! I think Eric is in love with Eddie, and might be leaving me soon. They get so excited to see each other! It's kinda cute, for like a second. Haha.
So they think they're ment to be friends. All three of them work at a bank. And im the one trying to tell them how the 3-D glasses takes the flat screen and make a 3-D picture.

We had a great day!

This is my life & I will blog it.