Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clear Channel

Today while President-Elect Obama, was being sworn into Office with his 58-million dollar party, I was sitting in a room, being told I was 1 of 1500 people being laid off. 
Working for clear channel was incredible. It's been a rough 6 months being home. And I was finally starting to find a nitch, when WAM! Clear Channel decides that there will be no "part-time Employees" nor "promotions" any longer. 

I knew that Clear Channel would be laying people off today... but I didn't think that the dirt they pay me would cause me to have to worry about my job. It's funny because not four days ago, I was asking a friend/co-worker why Clear Channel paid me to play with their toys. And a few weeks go, my mom asked me how work was, and I told her I was falling in love with it. But apparently anytime Breana enjoys what she does, it needs to be removed.

Atleast when Gannett laid me of, I felt like they actually cared about me. Clear Channel was laying off most my co-workers via telephone calls. 

Shit Happens. The economy is really rough. It's the timing. I know. Just how many times am I going to be laid off, before we figure out an answer to this damn depression? AND why does it always have to be me, and the jobs I love? (Selfish, I know... but twice in 6-months...)


  1. Hang in there Sis. SOmething you love will come your way!

  2. Honey I am so sorry. You will find that great job and they will be so happy to have you that they will NEVER let you go.

    Keep your chin up.
    Love you

  3. Stupid clear channel! You're so talented I'm sure something better is coming your way:) Email me so I can add you to my blog. kaileeapuna@cox.net