Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our News!


We've dedicated this post to answer all your "What?!" "When!!" and "HOW?!"s.

First things first, yes... this precious thing was planned. Although we have the common stresses of any newlywed couple, we felt it was time. We prayed about it, and decided there was no reason to wait. We've been wanting a baby ever since we got married. Plus now we have this huge empty house, Eric has a good job close to home, and we are closed to our families. The excuses not to start our kingdom were running extremely low.

Exactly 4 weeks after we had officially "decided", I took a pregnancy test expecting it to come back negative. In fact, while waiting for the results I started to get really upset that I had even decided to take the test. I was wasting a test. There's probably no way I was pregnant...
(hormones already making me moody). The test came back positive!

I was in such shock and disbelief, that I ran downstairs and started chugging water so I could take another one!

I called Eric and asked him to come home for lunch. Before he did though, I ran to Target and bought this duck towel I had always wanted, some diapers and wipes. When he got home, I asked him if he would kill a spider that was in the "flower room" (now we just call it the "baby room"). He said sure, but when he opened the door to kill it, he found my Target goodies instead! We are so happy!!

I called my doctor to make my first appointment, and was able to get in the following day. And sure enough, the rumors are true! The baby's due date is March 28, 2012. GREAT news for our family... we hardly have any end of March birthdays. It will be a nice change. :D

We wasted no time in telling our parents. We couldn't wait! I made this shirt for Kennedy, and took her over to my mom's house. My mom, Brandi, and Melissa understood the shirt right away. My Dad, Jean, Grandpa and Brock had to have it explained to them. Before Jean understood, she said "What a stupid shirt to make". My Dad pretty much just ignored it.

We told Eric's mom and family with a "I Love Grandma bib". Safe to say, they all figured it out right away. We told Eric's dad with a picture of the positive test. Then Eric said "We're keeping it a secret for now. So don't tell anyone." He replied with "Okay, but does Breana know?"... We are still laughing about that one! Oh Steve.

Kim & Fernando were nice enough to give us one of the twin's crib and dresser. So we have picked those up already. They also sent us flowers and a bear. The baby's first present!

So today we went to the doctor's for the second time. This time we got to see the baby and hear his/her heart beat. We wanted to wait to fully announce it until we were further along... but we can't wait. We are SO excited, and could not be happier!!!

We are almost 8 weeks along. The baby is due March 28, 2012. Only 32 more weeks to go.

"I am a sacred vessel. All you have inside you is Taco Bell". - Juno

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  1. Ah what a great way to tell your hubby! :)